Mobile Linux

Developers have been trying to apply Linux to mobile devices for over 10 years with rather limited success, until recently. A number of fairly major companies have picked up the challenge which has resulted in a number of very comprehensive Linux distributions targeted squarely at mobile phones.

Tizen Project and The Linux Foundation
Android by Google
MeeGo by Intel, Maemo and Nokia
Bada by Samsung

If you are aware of or come across any other Mobile Linux projects or platforms, please let us know and we will endeavour to update this listing.

(Click on the “+” sign next to each platform for more information and screen shots!)

2 Responses to “Mobile Linux”

  1. avatar Waheed Rafiq says:

    What about Nokia N900 which is 100 % Linux OS

  2. avatar mark says:

    Doesn’t the Nokia N900 run Maemo (5), which was already mentioned ?

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