Server Distributions

These are the distributions of which we are aware that provide a Server specific distribution. This is not to say that other distributions cannot be used on a server, or that another distribution is not dual purpose (i.e. Desktop and Server) , however if you are looking for something to run as a server, one of the following is probably your best bet. (make sure you pick the server version when you download it!)

  • Ubuntu June 8, 2010 madpenguinSuper-fast and great-looking, Ubuntu is a secure, intuitive operating system that powers all machine types.
  • Linux Mint June 8, 2010 madpenguinMint is a desktop operating system, which is underlying with Ubuntu, as we all know.
  • Mandriva June 8, 2010 madpenguinMandriva Linux was created in order to help beginners on both the Linux desktop and server.

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