File Formats (5)

Xsession Xsession.options Xwrapper.config
access.conf acct adduser.conf
american-english anacrontab apparmor.d
apparmor.vim apt.conf apt_preferences
at.allow at.deny authorized_keys
avahi-daemon.conf avahi.hosts avahi.service
bridge-utils-interfaces british-english charmap
classes.conf client.conf complex
config core cpio
crontab cups-snmp.conf cupsd.conf
cvs deb-control deb-old
deb-override deb-shlibs deb-substvars
deb-symbols deb-triggers deb-version
deb deluser.conf
depmod.conf dhclient.conf dhclient.leases
dhcp-eval dhcp-options dir_colors
dpkg.cfg e2fsck.conf elf
environ ethers faillog
filesystems firehol.conf fonts-conf
fs fstab ftpusers
gai.conf genisoimagerc ggz.modules
gimprc-2.6 group group.conf
gshadow halt hdparm.conf
host.conf hosts hosts.allow
hosts.deny hosts.equiv hosts_access
hosts_options html2textrc idmapd.conf
info init initramfs.conf
inittab interfaces intro
ipc issue keymaps
ldap.conf libarchive-formats limits.conf
lmhosts locale locale.alias
login.defs logprof.conf lvm.conf
magic mailcap mailcap.order
mailname mailto.conf manpath
mib2c.conf mime.convs mime.types
mke2fs.conf mlocate.db modprobe.conf
modules modules.dep moduli
mono-config motd motd.tail
mtools mtree named.conf
namespace.conf nanorc netrc
networks nfs nologin
nscd.conf nsswitch.conf numa_maps
pam.conf pam.d pam_env.conf
papersize passwd png
printers.conf proc protocols
pulse-client.conf pulse-daemon.conf rcS
resolv.conf resolver rndc.conf
rpc rsyncd.conf rsyslog.conf
sane-abaton sane-agfafocus sane-apple
sane-artec sane-artec_eplus48u sane-as6e
sane-avision sane-bh sane-canon
sane-canon630u sane-canon_dr sane-canon_pp
sane-cardscan sane-coolscan sane-coolscan2
sane-coolscan3 sane-dc210 sane-dc240
sane-dc25 sane-dmc sane-epjitsu
sane-epson sane-epson2 sane-fujitsu
sane-genesys sane-gphoto2 sane-gt68xx
sane-hp sane-hp3500 sane-hp3900
sane-hp4200 sane-hp5400 sane-hp5590
sane-hpljm1005 sane-hpsj5s sane-hs2p
sane-ibm sane-leo sane-lexmark
sane-ma1509 sane-matsushita sane-microtek
sane-microtek2 sane-mustek sane-mustek_pp
sane-mustek_usb sane-mustek_usb2 sane-nec
sane-net sane-niash sane-pie
sane-pixma sane-plustek sane-plustek_pp
sane-qcam sane-ricoh sane-rts8891
sane-s9036 sane-sceptre sane-scsi
sane-sharp sane-sm3600 sane-sm3840
sane-snapscan sane-sp15c sane-st400
sane-stv680 sane-tamarack sane-teco1
sane-teco2 sane-teco3 sane-test
sane-u12 sane-umax sane-umax1220u
sane-umax_pp sane-usb sane-v4l
sane-xerox_mfp securetty services
shadow shells slabinfo
smb.conf smbgetrc smbpasswd
snmp.conf snmp_config snmpd.conf
snmpd.examples snmpd.internal snmptrapd.conf
sources.list ssh_config sshd_config
subdomain.conf subscriptions.conf sudoers
sysctl.conf tar term
termcap terminfo time.conf
ts.conf ttytype tzfile
ucf.conf update-initramfs.conf updatedb.conf
utmp utmpx variables
wpa_supplicant.conf wtmp x509v3_config
xorg.conf xpdfrc  

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