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sctp_darn - Send and receive messages via SCTP



sctp_darn -H local_address -P local_port [-h remote_host] [-p remote_port] -l|s



This is a userspace test application for the SCTP Linux kernel reference implementation state machine. It is vaguely inspired by Stevens' program "sock".

It has the limited ability to send messages and to listen for messages sent via SCTP.



-H, --local local_address
specify one of the local addresses
-P, --local-port local_port
specify the port number for local addresses
-h, --remote remote_address
specify the peer address
-p, --remote-port remote_port
specify the port number for the peer address
-l, --listen
print messages received from the peer
-s, --send
send messages to the peer
-B, --bindx-add address
add the specified address(es) as additional bind addresses to the local socket. Multiple addresses can be specified by this argument multiple times. For example, '-B -B'.
-b, --bindx-rem address
remove the specified address(es) from the bind addresses of the local socket. Multiple addresses can be specified by this argument multiple times. For example, '-b -b'.
use the interactive mode.
setup the specified number of endpoints by using the specified local host (-H) and local port (-P). The port number will be incremented by one for each additional endpoint. All of these endpoints will be listening. If a remote host (-h) and a remote port are also specified, the first endpoint will start sending fixed sized messages to the remote host.
-m size
specify the sockopt sndbuf/rcvbuf size.
set the socket(s) to be in the non-blocking mode. collect messages from stdin and deliver them to the peer
use system call poll() for polling among the number of endpoints specified by the -i option. Without this option, select() would be used as default.
use SOCK_STREAM tcp-style sockets.
-z size
specify the message size to be sent. The default message size generated would be 16K.
--interface ifname
select interface for sin6_scope_id.



Michael Biebl <[email protected]>




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