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This section is used to document useful information relating to Linux, typically the things you will want or need to know as a new user.

  • HotSSH Useful applications you’ve never heard of – part # 1
  • Top 10 of the Best Ubuntu Apps for Productivity 2017 As the year draws slowly to a close, we are putting together a list of our top 10 productivity apps for Ubuntu in 2017. With so many awesome apps available in Ubuntu app repository, find the right app to get the job done can be a chore. We hope our list helps you as it …
  • Linux Alternatives to Windows Software Before downloading from the websites listed below, check to see if there is a version available in your package manager.
    Office Suites and Applications

    Windows Application
    Linux Alternatives

    Microsoft Office (suite)
    LibreOffice,, KOffice, siag office

    Microsoft Word
    LibreOffice Writer, OOWriter, AbiWord, KWord

    Microsoft Excel
    LibreOffice Calc, OOCalc, KSpread, Gnumeric

    Microsoft Access
    LibreOffice Base, OOBase, Kexi

    LibreOffice Base, OOBase, Kexi

    Microsoft Powerpoint
    LibreOffice Impress, OOImpress, KPresenter

    Microsoft Project
    OpenProj, Planner, Gantt, MOOS Project Viewer

    Microsoft Publisher


    Microsoft Visio
    gliffy, Kivio, …

  • Virtualisation Technology – Pie in the sky? There is much talk of Clouds and Virtualisation, how much is real, how much is hype of things to come, and how much it pie in the sky? Surprisingly the value of these technologies is actually far greater than the buzzwords might suggest, but conversely the technology available is far less mature than we might …
  • Installing VLC 2.1.0 for Ubuntu Natty Many people running versions of Ubuntu Natty Narwhal or lower, or even people with distros based on Natty Narwhal (e.g. Peppermint 2) will find that they can’t get the latest VLC 2.1.0 update from the site. Good news is, there’s a PPA for those who happen to be on “old” versions of Ubuntu or distros …
  • Ubuntu Software Centre / Ubuntu 12.04 Recently people have been complaining that the USC crashes for a couple of seconds on launching the application. The problem lies within one of the views in which you view USC in.
    Luckily there is a solution.
    Open terminal, and enter:
    sudo gedit /usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/ui/gtk3/views/
    Find the line, that reads:
    and change it, so it reads:
    Save the file, and then close …
  • Get the Best Out of Your Old Mac Computer with Linux
    An out-of-date Mac computer leaves you with nothing more than a box that only performs basic tasks like browsing and word processing. Mac OS users are familiar with the Apple’s constant OS upgrades, which can be highly frustrating when an older Mac just won’t update.
    But, you can get the best, and much more out of …
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