Top 10 of the Best Ubuntu Apps for Productivity 2017

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As the year draws slowly to a close, we are putting together a list of our top 10 productivity apps for Ubuntu in 2017. With so many awesome apps available in Ubuntu app repository, find the right app to get the job done can be a chore. We hope our list helps you as it did us.

GIMP: (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a superb graphics tool that is totally free and open source. This is for raster graphics, free hand drawing and image re-touching it contains all of the major tools that Photoshop has and has many advantages aside from the fact that it is free, smaller to install and much less resource intensive. I find it more user friendly and easier to customise to fit your needs. Batch processing through automated actions is far superior in GIMP. Because photographers often need to do repeatable actions to large groups of images, this feature alone is worth its weight in gold.
In my opinion it is one of the greatest gifts that Linux has a fully on par if not better solution to Photoshop and being open source means anyone can modify the core code and develop plugins and new features, you don’t need to be approved by Adobes’ development team. It doesnt really get much better than that.

LibreOffice: This powerful office suite covers you for everything, from documents to spreadsheets to presentations and more. The output is compatible with Microsoft Office, so if you are sending files to Windows users, they can easily open them. LibreOffice comes bundled with several powerful productivity centric apps making it the most powerful free open source office suite available. The preloaded apps are: Writer (word processing), Calc (excel spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector, flowcharts and graphics), Base (databases), and Math (formula editing).

Shotwell: This is a free digital photo organizer designed to work on a GNOME desktop environment. Shotwell allows you to import photos from external devices such as disk or camera and organize them in your preferred way, view them and share with others.

Corebird: Corebird is a simple yet stylish twitter client for the Linux platform. It supports many handy features such as Friends, @Reply, Favorite and Public timelines for chatting, enables sending and receiving of direct messages and so much more. Corebird can support multiple twitter accounts for websites or clients and this app gives desktop notifications when you have a new activity so you can reply to customers and enquiry’s quickly which is great for your online reputation management.

TweetDeck: Tweet Deck is for when its time to get professional and you need to fully manage multiple accounts perhaps for clients or your own multiple websites. This professional level social media reputation management app has a fully open and easy to grasp work plan where you can view all accounts at the same time making for an easy work flow.

“Anyone who runs an online business needs to be aware of how their reputation is carried with social media, a problem not dealt with quickly can escalate rapidly with social media making you and your company look bad. Using tools such as Corebird and TweetDeck you can deal with problems quickly with rapid communication and also keep positive messages about your company and companies ethos by what you share.” – Alana Benson – Social Media Manager DigitalOx

Gwibber: This python based application is a great tool for monitoring all your social media accounts in one place. It gives you access to Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, Reddit and Facebook all in one easy to use interface. Gwibber can shorten URLs when you paste them and will combine all your streams and messages, so you can access them all at once.

Deluge: Not satisfied with your preloaded BitTorrent client? Deluge stands out as the ideal alternative for downloading files. Deluge has a wide range of features and you can also get more addons and plugins from the deluge community to do things such as shutting down your computer when a download is complete and much more.

Thunderbird: Thunderbird is a free and powerful email client that gives you the ability to access your emails directly from your desktop. It comes preconfigured with the settings of all common email providers, but you can still add as many as you wish, even your custom email accounts. Thunderbird has a lot of customization options such as theming it to make it more beautiful or folder customization preferences.

Pidgin: Pidgin is an instant messaging client which allows you to connect to multiple chat networks at the same time. Some of the networks you can get on Pidgin are: AIM, Bonjour, IRC and Google Talk, etc. Unfortunately, Facebook discontinued support for the open XMPP messaging protocol so Facebook chat is no longer available.

Dropbox: Dropbox client on Ubuntu allows you to quickly and seamlessly sync your files to and from their cloud service. With Dropbox official Linux client, your files are safe. And if you don’t use Dropbox, there is always Google Drive available preloaded on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and later versions.
Whether you are a new convert to Ubuntu or an old hand. All or any of the above software should definitely be in your software list.




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