Tips for choosing Linux VPS hosting for your business

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The benefits of Linux VPS hosting for small businesses are well documented. However, finding the right Linux hosting solution that is the right fit for your business is rarely a straightforward process. Finding the best plan goes beyond locating the most affordable option. You need to place emphasis on the technical elements of the hosting process to be sure you are making the right decision. This piece offers some tips for choosing your Linux hosting provider based on these technical elements.


The main focus when determining your CPU needs should be your type of business. Standard websites will not require as much CPU resources as websites that incorporate streaming, live chat, gaming and more. Talk to your preferred provider about your business type to understand if their CPU limits are in tandem with your business needs.


“A website that sees a couple thousand visits should function efficiently with 1GB RAM and a single core CPU” say the experts at Open Host Linux a VPS hosting company. “If your website traffic isn’t yet in that region, you could make do with something lower. For higher powered and high traffic websites however, a bigger RAM size is required. Your provider should be able to offer up to 4GB of RAM if you need it”.

Disk space

This is another element that is dependent on your site’s needs. Small business websites and blogs can function effectively on a 20GB hard disk space when you take into consideration the amount of stored date and the amount of traffic. That disk space however suddenly becomes miniscule when applied for a website that runs specialised applications and sees a large number of active visitors on a day to day basis.


As is the case with others above, bandwidth for a text-based page can be the bare minimum provided by most good VPS hosting companies which is 300GB. For media and traffic heavy pages however, you need at least 1000GB of bandwidth allowance.


When setting out on a business, it is your dream to grow over time. It is therefore important that you choose a VPS hosting solution that won’t transform the growth process from a thing of joy to a nightmare. The best hosting solution is one that can allow you to transition seamlessly from hundreds of users to thousands of users to millions of users without grinding your business to a halt at each stage. The flexibility provided by scalable hosting cannot be over emphasised.

Management needs

VPS hosting gives you a good dose of freedom for accessing and managing your server. If you have the technical knowhow to handle the day to day running of the server including its security and maintenance, you can use put the freedom to good use without jeopardising the functionality of your website.
However, you need to ensure you are signing up with a VPS hosting company that offers managed solutions if you do not have the technical ability to run things on your own. The hosting provider retains control of your server ensuring it is safe, secure and delivering to your exact specifications.


A good VPS hosting solution will cost more than your typical shared hosting plan. However, the pricing doesn’t have to be over the top. The key is to find a proper balance between your VPS hosting needs and your budget. Other important considerations you need to make are the availability of live and round the clock support as well as the general opinion of past users but you already knew about them right?
The key to finding the right VPS hosting service is understanding your current needs and signing up with a provider that can cater to those needs while leaving room for future growth.

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