Peppermint 5 release announced ~ June 23, 2014

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Peppermint Five  will be released 23rd June 2014, along with a makeover of the Peppermint website.

The main website is currently down for the makeover, but will go live at sometime on Monday, where you’ll find the 32bit and 64bit ISO’s for Pepeprmint 5 available for download.

The New Peppermint Forum is already online, so if you require further info, have any questions, or just feel like a chat with other Peppermint users, feel free to drop in.

The philosophy behind Peppermint is to provide a fully functional desktop with minimal locally installed applications ‘out of the box’ through the use of web applications but not to compromise its ability to install applications locally.

Unlike other “Cloud” operating systems, Peppermint doesn’t impose limitations or make choices for you .. you are able to install whichever applications you like locally and have easy access to over 40,000 packages in the software manager that can be installed with a single click .. or use the Ice application to integrate your own choice of web applications.

Ice is their “in house” application for easily integrating web applications into the system menus .. those web apps then open in a web browser without the normal clutter of menus/tabs/etc. .. so the web app looks and behaves just like a locally installed application

The choice of web, local, or a mix of the two is up to you so there’s no need to be reliant on an active internet connection to be productive.

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