Meet the MintBox

Jun 1st, 2012No Comments

Meet the MintBox, a AMD G-series rebranded CompuLab FitPC3 running Linux Mint from the Linux Mint team.

It seems Mint don’t want to lose out on the “certified” hardware game that Canonical are playing. So specs, what are they? Well.

AMD CPU up to 1.65GHz dual core ; Dual-head Radeon HD graphics ; 4GB of RAM ; 250GB HDD ; 4x USB ports ;Dual-head DisplayPort ; HDMI ; 2 eSATA ports ; Ethernet ; Wi-Fi and A metal case that has been “Ruggedized”.

So does it tickle your fancy? It sounds interesting certainly, and a date is unknown just now, but there is rumor it couple be as early as next week. The Mint team haven’t released a price either, but I’m sure one could assume an estimate of somewhere “around £425” says Joey Sneddon (OMG! Ubuntu! Blogger).

Going back to the MintBox, it will be running the latest version of Mint with the MATE desktop enviroment. The mini-PC itself will be fanless, so if I were you, keep your windows open! Or shove it in the freezer? ;D

The Mint team will receive a “small percentage” for each sale of the MintBox, and my guess is that it’ll all go towards development for Linux Mint to “diversify” itself from Ubuntu.

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