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May 14th, 20126 Comments

Welcome to Tiny Green PC (formerly fit-pc.co.uk), a leading supplier of tiny, tough, green IT solutions and the official European home of Fit PC and Trim Slice.

Website: http://www.tinygreenpc.com/

Email: support (at) [email protected]

Telephone:  +44(0)800 0098006

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  1. avatar Simon Langham says:

    Great Directory! I have noticed that you do not have the website linking from this page? The website is still active. Being a the top of the listing, it would be great for your readers if the link was updated.


  2. avatar Gareth Bult says:

    Hi Simon, we did have a tool installed called the “broken link checker” which was overly aggressive about removing links it couldn’t reach, but I’ve added it back in now. [tool is now deceased]

  3. avatar LinuxPhie says:

    Could you also modify the email address so your readers can contact us? =) It is [email protected] Thanks!

  4. avatar LinuxPhie says:

    thank you!

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