Installing WINE 1.5.1 on Ubuntu

Apr 1st, 2012No Comments

According to a LOT of websites the new version (1.5.0 and greater) of WINE fixes the install of Apple iTunes 10.x

Whilst I can confirm that iTunes 10.6 definitely installed, and ran, and had no problem as a player, it seemed unable to access the iTunes Store (or do any other “online” activity) .. this may be fixable, but (FOR NOW) is beyond the scope of the tutorial linked to below .. I may add something later if I manage to get the “online” side if it working .. but for now this is SOLELY a tutorial for installing WINE 1.5.1 .. with a few hints that may help with iTunes at the end.

You can find the tutorial on our FORUM by clicking the link below:-

Installing WINE 1.5.1 in Ubuntu 32bit and 64bit
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