PeppermintOS on an Acer Aspire

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In the tutorial we will wipe the default OS (Linpus Lite) from the internal 8GB SSD and install PeppermintOS (Three) Linux is its place.

Why would you want to do this .. Well Linpus Lite, though small and fast is based on Fedora core 8 which is a very old Linux distribution that has been out of active development for quite some time .. so Linpus Lite doesn’t receive any updates, and it is nearly impossible to get any new software to install without jumping through hoops, if at all.

PeppermintOS (Three) on the other hand is based on the MUCH more recent Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but uses the LXDE desktop which is more like a “normal” desktop environment, and is also small and fast .. it also has the added benefit of having access to the Ubuntu software repositories, so it is VERY easy to install the latest software.

If you want a quick look at what the PeppermintOS desktop will look like, see here:

As you can see it has a single panel at the bottom, an application menu, a system tray, and a workspace that you can put application icons (shortcuts), files, or directories on .. in fact (good or bad) it’s very similar to the Windows layout.

The tutorial is set out in easy to follow stages .. the first stage will tell you how to download the PeppermintOS ISO image, and how to use a Windows PC to write it to a 1GB or larger USB Stick.

The following stages will deal with installation, then some post-installation tasks to get Peppermint “just right”.

The FULL TUTORIAL (and help with any problems you may encounter) can be found on  our FORUM, at the following link:

Tutorial – Installing PeppermintOS Three on an Acer Aspire One AOA110L ZG5

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