Update on the Development of Ubuntu 11.10

Aug 22nd, 20111 Comment

I’m sure you’re all awaiting the exciting release of Ubuntu 11.10 on the 13th of October. So what has been updated so far? Well the power icon that sits in the top right of the menu-bar has now been changed completely and is now called a “Power-Cog”.

It now features some new menu’s too, listing what devices are connected to your PC/Laptop, the “settings” menu which contains links, and the all important power-options. This isn’t all that’s been updated, Empathy will feature “video effects” as well, just like cheese does.

On the development side of things, the developers hit Feature freeze 2 weeks ago. “This is the big date that all developer dread the most. Now features and new upstream versions have to have landed, everything else will be a matter the release team has to decide upon. We are rushing towards release with UI Freeze and Beta Freeze coming up next week. Exciting times!” – Daniel Holbac, OMGUbuntu. The wallpaper list seems to be pretty impressive so far as well! Wanna see some?

You can find the whole shortlist of entries for the wallpapers here. Things seem like they are really improving for the release of 11.10, and it looks good too.

Source – OMGUbuntu.co.uk

– BkS.

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  1. avatar Da_Bauws says:

    Looks too sick. Can’t wait! Will I be able to update a previous version of Ubuntu with the new features or will I need to download the new version and install from scratch?

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