Desura coming to a Linux PC near you

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Desura (A Steam like  games portal/client), have for some time had a banner at the top of their website stating they are working on a Linux port of their client.

Keith Poole (aka. Platima) Desura’s “Linux guru”, has been keeping people up to date with development of the Linux client on the Desura news blog, and in an interview with Liam Dawe from  GOL (Gaming On Linux), explains his thoughts on the Linux port.

Part 1 of the GOL interview can be found here – Interview with Keith Poole from Desura Part 1

UPDATE: Part 2 of the GamingOnLinux interview can be found here – Interview with Keith Poole from Desura Part 2

and the third and final part 3 here – Interview with Keith Poole from Desura Part 3

In part 1 of his Desura news blog DESURA LINUX DEVELOPMENT – INTRODUCTION, Keith explains –

  • I wrote a few decent scripts that handle all the compiling for us, and re-arranged things slightly so that it all fit nicely together
  • The first two weeks were basically spent planning how to tackle this beast, ‘#ifdef’ing out the Windows specific code, converting back-slashes to forward-slashes in ‘#include’ lines, and trying to eat my keyboard as it dawned on me just how big Desura is!
  • We’ve gotten the basics of it running, and after some rather colourful results while theming was still broken, we even managed to log in.
  • We got theming going, but then I found a bug that I considered more detrimental down the track, so we’ve broken theming again for now at the expense of resolving some other issues.
  • We’ve also found the hard way that as cross-platform as wxWidgets is, it’ll always behave differently on different platforms. I guess this is the downside of it wrapping to the native OS widgets functions (Win32/GTK/Cocoa) as opposed to being a full widget set of it’s own (Qt/GTK).
  • And I’m sure there were other notable things, but I’m drawing a blank right now.

and in part 2 DESURA LINUX DEVELOPMENT – WE HAVE UI!, there are screenshots of a “Nearly fully functioning login form” and “CEF running in a wxWidgets test application”, along with another list of technical issues they’ve resolved.

Here’s hoping the Linux client comes to fruition quickly, and is a great success.

Thanks to Liam Dawe  of Gaming on Linux for bringing this to our attention.


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