Groklaw Articles Ending on May 16th

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Pamela Jones (aka. Groklaw founder, ‘PJ’) has announced the ending of articles on Groklaw from the sites 8th birthday, May 16th.

I for one am going to sorely miss digging through new articles for all the juicy bits, and being continually amazed at the dirty tricks uncovered.

PJ, a Linux and Open Source advocate, and paralegal, founded Groklaw as a blog intended to look into “the crisis SCO initiated over Linux”, and in no small part was instrumental in seeing this through to its final outcome… “Linux won. SCO as we knew it is no more”.

Pamela, (along with other Groklaw contributors) used her ‘monumental’ legal research skills to show how SCO’s claims against Novell and IBM were completely unfounded… they also helped show how Microsoft were behind the financing of the SCO lawsuits.

In the article on Groklaw, PJ says “We’ll keep the Timelines up to date with court documents, and we’ll still finish the Comes exhibits if it kills me, so just email me your work when commenting is closed, if you are willing to keep helping.”

She goes on to say…

“I know some of you are as addicted to Groklaw as I am, so I’ve been slowing down how often I write articles recently, to help you get acclimated. I also was testing to see if I could try to slow down a bit and do it all, but I see I can’t. To do Groklaw right, it requires my total attention and focus. But I don’t want anyone to get the bends, including me. I have loved doing Groklaw, and I love hanging out with you guys. As far as I’m concerned, we’re friends for life. While we have watched unbelievable venality and greed at play in the battle on the other side, the community remained true to its values, and I’m proud of that and I’m proud of you. I’m proud that Groklaw played the role that it did.

I always told you that I didn’t do Groklaw for money or for fame or as a career move. I did it to be effective. That’s all I wanted. And I told you that when it was over, I’d go back to my normal pre-Groklaw life. And now you know by this decision that I told you the truth.

No matter what happens next, I know that we changed the course of history. How many people get to say that? I never expected it, frankly, and I am grinning just thinking about how much fun we’ve had doing it. Our work will be available for historians permanently, so the impact we had isn’t over today, and someday we’ll tell our grandkids that we were part of this, part of Groklaw. We are in the history books. Our work will continue as long as anyone cares about this unique time period in the history of computer software, a history that we are a part of forever. And that is a long, long time.

In short, we dood it, y’all”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank PJ and all the Groklaw contributors on a job well done, and wish them well on any and all future projects.


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