Big Red earns it’s new name …

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Over the years IBM has acquired the nickname “big blue”, although the theories as to why this is the case vary somewhat.

In recent times however, it’s not so difficult to see how Oracle’s came by it’s new nickname, and it’s no reference to “Hell Boy” (after all, “Hell Boy” is generally seen as a bit of a hero!)

Following their acquisition of Sun, Oracle have made a number of interesting decisions that from a purely commercial perspective are totally understandable, at least from a pure short-term money making perspective. But then if life was run on a purely commercial basis we’d have no NHS, no social security, no community and yes, no future, so you’ve got to be a little worried about where Oracle think they’re going ..

Prior to the demise of Sun, there was great concern over having Oracle ‘own’ MySQL and as a result all sorts of ‘promises’ were made by Oracle with regards to MySQL and it’s future. What the powers that be seem to have overlooked was that Sun ‘owned’ all sorts of other assets often though of as community assets and no safeguards were put in place to cover these, so unfortunately they were the first to ‘get it’.

OpenSolaris, direct competitor to Linux, I don’t think it’s unfair to say this project is effectively deadOpenOffice, the community is so worried it’s forked the project leaving Oracle with an empty pram. We’re seeing how far the protective measures are covering MySQL, it doesn’t look good, so it’s not surprising the brain behind MySQL is quite literally re-inventing the wheel.

Then of course there’s good old industry standard Open Source (?) Java .. what could possibly go wrong with Java right? Well, just for kick off, it’s not all Open Source and secondly, I’ve been telling people it’s a bad idea to use Java since it’s inception – but does anyone listen to me? First, we see Oracle suing Google over it’s use of Java .. followed by an announcement that Oracle is in the process of trying to shoot down any competition to it’s own product, where will it end?

Anyway, there is a perception that the days of Microsoft are now over and there is a new player in town bent on the destruction of the Open Source community, so although the recent Oracle ads portray Oracle (or indeed Larry Ellison himself?) as “Iron Man”, is he in fact “Obediah” in disguise ?!

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