UK Gov & OS – revisited

Jul 15th, 20101 Comment

Apparently the NHS’s purchasing deal with Microsoft which has been in place for the last 12 years has now ended. According to M$, the NHS currently use around £270M of Microsoft software, yet they only pay Microsoft £65M per year for it.

I can’t help thinking that purchasing the software over the counter at PC world would have been slightly cheaper than the fantastic licensing deal the last government did for us. (£65M * 12 == £780M ?)

Given large parts of the NHS are still in Windows 2000 / Windows XP territory, and given the potential cost of upgrading, and given the desperate need to get NHS staff off IE6, using an Open Source alternative to Windows suddenly becomes a saving with real numbers attached to it !!

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  1. avatar madpenguin says:

    No! Wait! It gets better!
    “Microsoft has warned any NHS worker who took advantage of the huge discounts available for installing MS Office at home that they must now delete the software.”

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