Le Petit Poucet

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Le Petit Poucet (aka Tom Thumb) is free software to display and edit GPS routes and tracks in a 3D scene. Le Petit Poucet is targeted at explorers, discoverers and trekkers of this world: road and mountain bikers, skiers and snow boarders, mountaineers, gliders, scuba divers, geo-cachers.

Le Petit Poucet will provide all the necessary tools to prepare outings and analyze logs, to exchange or present tracks and routes:

  • 3D rendering of tracks, maps and terrain.
  • Topo-guides
  • Track, route and waypoint library
  • Community exchange
  • Geo-referenced photo albums

Version 0.3 has been released, the main new feature is the possibility to perform basic editing of GPS data including the renaming of waypoints, editing of routes and tracks, and merging of routes and tracks.

The Petit Poucet Website is here.

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