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Jul 15th, 20103 Comments

Did you know that Wales is a World leader in the fight against eCrime?! Today was their annual conference and there were some real gem’s to be had, and all at a bargain price for the tax-payer!

Now I know online fraud and other electronic crime is a major problem, and it’s on the up, but I am curious as to why it’s such a concern in Wales and why the Welsh Assembly think they, above and beyond all the technical knowledge and resources available to the remaining 99.9552055% of the planet’s population, can have some influence and make an impact on what is a long-running global problem.

Not something I heard today above the resounding “aren’t the Assembly great, look what they’re doing for Welsh businesses”.

Cutting to the chase;

Q: Does the majority of e-Crime originate inside or outside of the UK
A: Outside

Q: Will the Welsh HTCU chase e-Crime that originates outside of the UK
A: No

So are they really going to make an impact to the extent that it’s worth reporting eCrime to them? Technically yes, but anything serious will originate elsewhere, so in practice, “no”.

So although raising the general awareness of e-Crime, Spamming, Phishing, hacking etc, is generally a good thing, the point of spending all this money and inviting hundreds of people to a ‘Summit’ at (I would imagine) great organisational expense (the Celtic Mannor isn’t cheap!) and the loss of many hundreds of work days for Welsh business, I’m afraid I’m failing to see the point.

Moving on to the Gem’s, apparently Cookie’s are programs which your browser downloads and stores on your ‘hard drive’ (emphasis here, storing things on your hard drive is apparently very bad) which will, when downloaded, send back all sorts of personal information from your computer to dark places on the Internet. Cookies, programmes, really? I’d like to know which dark place the presenter pulled this information from! (or maybe I wouldn’t)

Next, you really shouldn’t visit, because as soon as you land on their home page, you’ve effectively set a process in motion that will end up with Amazon having a file on ‘you’ containing lots of your personal information including an Equifax credit rating report. WTF?  Still nobody said anything!

And to cap it off, Dear Mr Microsoft. Apparently Microsoft’s business strategy is to ensure they produce the best and most secure software they can to avoid losing customers to the competition, so obviously people should use Microsoft software – it’s bound to be the best for this reason alone.

– there I was, sat there thinking “surely Microsoft’s business strategy it to either buy or crush the competition so we don’t have the option of using any other software”, how wrong could I be?!

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3 Responses to “eCrime Wales!”

  1. avatar mark says:

    That’s funny…
    We all know that an empty ‘hard drive’ is less of a security risk… you really don’t want anything to be ‘stored’ there, particularly those evil ‘cookie’ things.
    and that Amazon are really an MI5/CIA data mining operation.
    and craziest of all, that M$ are working hard for “our” benefit.

    I’m off to write a letter of thanks for being so well looked after… I really wouldn’t know what to do without help like this.

    Rebranding the HTCU

  2. avatar Keith says:

    I suggest you do your research, and you will see that there’s no other initiative or approach like it in the world – as for tax payers, considering trillions are lost in ecrime, 373million in Wales – a few grand from the taxpayer seems good value to me (assuming it cost the taxpayer cause Cisco was sponsoring)

  3. avatar madpenguin says:

    I just love it when someone makes my point for me – this is the WA throwing money into PR to announce how uniquely brilliant they are.

    Now, the fact that there is no other initiative like it does not make it inherently ‘good’ or ‘useful’. Secondly, trillions are not lost through eCrime, nobody knows how much is ‘actually’ lost, although I seem to recall one of the speakers gave out a figure in the low billions for the UK – and even then nobody’s producing any evidence to back this up as a ‘real’ number.

    And you want *me* to do my research! It’s not all paid for by sponsors, actual government expenditure to follow ..

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