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Jul 10th, 2010No Comments

Everyone has their own favourite when it comes to editing, indeed people may have different favourites depending on what it is they’re editing. Whereas from the command line, for me there is little choice and vim takes the prize every time, in GUI mode things are a little less clear cut.

For many years I used gedit, this is a pretty tidy editor which handles basics like syntax highlighting and loading / saving directly to remote ssh based files-systems, but it stops short of ‘full’ language awareness and in particular code-completion.

Enter bluefish, this could be described as gedit on speed. It’s got many little additions like code completion, bracket matching and collapsing (depending on the language), the ability to move the open tab listing to the side allowing for many more open files to be visible at any one time, and the ability to change the colours within the syntax highlighter rather than just selecting one of a few available themes.

Worth noting that Ubuntu are carrying version 1.0.7 in their repo’s whereas version 2.0.1 is available from the bluefish website.

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