Thunderbirds are Go!

Jun 18th, 2010No Comments

I’ve been using Thunderbird (version 2) off and on for a while as a backup for my WebMail systems and it works well enough, but it’s never struck me as the email client to have, partially because it doesn’t have all the integration my Zimbra system has. Mozilla have however just released a new Beta of Thunderbird version 3.1, and it’s definitely worth a re-visit – although be aware it’s not in packaged form just yet and does require a little tweaking to run.

So what’s it like now? Well the add-on manager happily installs Lightening which is the calendaring extension, and Zindus which happily sync’s my contacts with my Zimbra account. Overall it seem to work fairly smoothly and has everything I want, bar one thing, which is syncing up the Calendar with my Zimbra Calendar. So I guess if you’re not a Webmail fan, it looks like Mozilla might really have something with this release, at the very least for single user / home users.

You can download the beta version from the Mozilla Website.

To get it going, unpack it into your current / home folder, then use the script to fire it up as shown below;

tar xvfj thunderbird-3.0.5.tar.bz2
cd tunderbird
./ ./thunderbird

Overall I’m fairly impressed with the feature set and it looks pretty sparky in terms of speed, certainly it had no problem opening and working with my inbox that has around 8000 items in it.

Best feature I’ve spotted so far

There is now a built-in archive feature, such that if you choose to archive an email, it automatically creates a folder tree called Archives / <year> , then moves your email into it. I have ~ 250,000 emails kicking around in folders, I can see this facility proving itself to be invaluable, although it’s a bit of a shame it doesn’t categorise by / <year> / <month> .. (!)

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