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We have a number of short codes that can be used on the site, some of which are built into the theme and some of which have been added as custom extras.

So who wants to do a nice example page for all these short codes?

Here’s a brief summary;

  • related_posts – shows a list of posts or pages potentially limited to the page you insert the code into. One optional parameter “limit” controls the number of posts listed, the default is 5.
  • language – adds syntax highlighting to the enclosed code segment, many languages are supported, see the posting on syntax highlighting for more details.
  • gallery – displays one or more attached images using the WordPress Gallery plugin. Parameters include columns, size and orderby, see the plugin’s web page for more details.
  • button – shows a button and can be used in place of a link, one parameter which is url, i.e. where to link to. Variations are button2 (blue) button3 (green) and button4 (orange). You can also use big_button for a larger version, available in green only but animated.
  • one_half / one_half_last – used for two column displays
  • one_third / one_third / one_third_last – used for three column displays
  • one_fourth / one_fourth / one_fourth / one_fourth_last – used for four column displays
  • featured – displays a feature box, which is an enclosed box with a title. Parameters are title, title_color, header_color, and height.
  • basic_list / check_list – apply this to a pre-existing list and it will apply a fancier style, the latter option puts green ticks next to each entry in the list.
  • green_message, blue_message, yellow_message – displays some text in a message box, each box is colour coded and comes with it’s own related icon.
  • quote (quote_left, quote_right) – display a message with large quote marks either in-line, or as a float left or float right box.
  • dropcap – surround a letter with this to display it much larger than the rest of the letters in the paragraph
  • Colour highlighting, you can surround text with green, blue and yellow to display on an alternate background

Best way to see what these things do it to experiment with them, at the moment you can see some examples in action on the template’s home page, although this link may expire in time.

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