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Useful applications you’ve never heard of – part # 1

There are many applications available for Linux that have not yet made the mainstream in terms of recognition, indeed there are many that never will. However, from the plethora of new applications floating around in the ether, there are some real gems to be found.

Just SSH, but so not …

At the end of the day HotSSH doesn’t seem to be much more than an extended version of gnome-terminal with a few tweaks, but those tweaks deserve a little attention.

First, unlike gnome-terminal, there is no default local terminal Windows to jump through. The initial connection is made via a GUI connect screen directly to the machine you want and by default that connection ends up in a tab. I know gnome-terminal can handle tabs but this is an entirely different way of doing things. Not only does HotSSH know that the different tabs are connected to different machines, but if you quit HotSSH and restart it, much like Firefox it will remember all your tabs and immediately offer to reconnect all your sessions, for anyone who runs 20-30 remote sessions for remote monitoring this makes machine reboots or even the login/out process far less painful.

When you come to connect, notice that that the shell has kept a record of all your previous connections and how long ago they were initiated, and of course you can re-connect by double clicking rather than by typing out a long ssh connect string. If you are maintaining a fixed set of machines, having to type a connection string becomes a thing of the past very quickly.

In the status bar you will notice it shows the connection latency, host uptime and various other snippits of information which can be very useful at a gance if you’re holding open connections to half a dozen machines.

Another useful menu option is Open SFTP, possibly a little misleading as I’m pretty sure this opens an SSHFS connection, however it will immediately give you a file browser for the machine associated with the current tab. This is a great time saver when compared to the normal method if using Places -> Connect to server -> etc …

I guess you need to try it out to see if it suits, but it’s definitely something with great time-saving potential for Sysadmins and Developers alike.

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