Dell re-invents Ubuntu!

Jun 14th, 20102 Comments

I’ve just spotted something rather unusual on Dell’s website, apparently it’s called an Ubuntu Website. Interestingly it looks like it says that Ubuntu is just like Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS and lists 10 things you should know about Ubuntu. (or, reading between the lines, 10 reasons why you should use Ubuntu rather than Windows)

If on the other hand you don’t scan it and instead read it in detail, it actually says that Ubuntu is an operating system, and that you can use it to surf the web. Unless those two sentences are there to be deliberately misleading, I’m not sure they’re really required.

Not entirely sure what to make of this, whereas it’s nice to see Dell supporting Linux, no, sorry, Ubuntu, I can’t help but think that the site is a bit of an afterthought and if Dell think this site only warrants half and hour of a web designer’s time, exactly how seriously are they taking the product?

The first 4 points they make refer to how good Ubuntu is, then out of the blue on point 5 they tell us that viruses and spyware written by hackers are not designed to target and attack Linux… which is fine, I guess, albeit a bit of a generalisation, but this is the first time Linux has been mentioned on the page (or site!).

When we get to the last but one point, then we’re told that Ubuntu is based on Linux. These 10 points are numbered in descending order, could it possibly be that someone has copied them onto the site backwards, the result being that the word Linux is introduced after it’s already been used?

Then we have the feature comparison table, which looks for all the world like a standard HTML table inside the page, until you notice that the quality of the text is pretty poor and the styling doesn’t match the rest of the page. Sure enough, it’s a clipping from somewhere else that’s been scanned and dumped in as an image.

I’m sorry, maybe afterthought was a little too kind, what on earth are Dell thinking?

Take a look and tell me what you think, Dell’s Ubuntu Website is here.

Can anyone prepared to take a peek click on the Forums link in the right hand column and tell me if they can find any trace of Ubuntu (or Linux) somewhere inside, I can’t help but think I’m missing something .. ??

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2 Responses to “Dell re-invents Ubuntu!”

  1. avatar Gerry Fisher says:

    I bought an Inspiron laptop from Dell last year, pre-loaded with Ubuntu 8.04. I was very happy with the product but have not been able to buy another one since they now only sell that scuttery little 10″ thing which is not what I want. Oddly enough, the Inspiron is still on offer on their US site.

    I can’t imagine what is going on at Dell. I don’t suppose for one minute that they are agonising about support for GNU/Linux or, specifically, for Ubuntu, but their behavoiur is puzzling all the same. Their half-hearted attempt at promoting Ubuntu leads me to suspect that they don’t know which way to jump. Possibly something to do with the fear of upsetting Microsoft who would take a dim view of Dell for supporting Ubuntu. Just a thought.

  2. avatar Martin says:

    I’m looking to buy a desktop machine from Dell, because the hardware & price they have on offer looks to suit me. However they say that they must install an OS with the hardware and for desktops that looks to be ‘Windows 7’, an operating system from Microsoft.

    Does Linux (Ubuntu?) only work on Laptops?


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