Samsung GT-S8500

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Although one could be forgiven for believing that the only mobile phone worth having is an iPhone, as it turns out there are better phones on the market and surprise! surprise! they run Linux! A new release by Samsung is the GT-S8500 which runs a mobile version of Linux called Bada.

To be realistic, many of these new phones are all very similar and differences often come down to hardware specification, which is generally good news for Linux based smart phones.  Once you have a fairly level playing field in terms of software, given the choice of Samsung, Sony or Apple hardware, I’m pretty sure my choice would be pretty foregone conclusion.


Main touted features of the phone are screen display and battery life. At 3.3″ the screen isn’t massive but the new Super AMOLED technology and 480×800 display is approaching the resolution of a low-end netbook, except AMOLED works ourdoors and has a nice wide viewing angle. Couple that with  7h of 3G talk time and 22 days of 3G standby time and it’s starting to look like a very competent unit.

You also have all the old favourites like a 5MP camera with LED flash and 4x digital zoom, Wifi (b/g/n), USB 2.0, 720p Video recording,  FM Radio, MP3 playback, 1GB of built in memory and support for up to 32Gb of microSD.

Just when you thought Apple needed to be looking over their shoulder at Google’s Andriod,  it looks like Google are going to need to make their Android’s neck more flexible!

More details and full specification from Samsung’s Website.

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