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Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK) 2.4.3 Released

Jan 20th, 20112 Comments

Have you have ever wished that the Ubuntu LiveCD came with different software packages, or had the ubuntu-restricted-extras (flash, mp3 support etc.) and b43-fwcutter (Broadcom [&hellip

Oracle VirtualBox 4.0 released

Dec 23rd, 2010No Comments

Oracle have released version 4.0 of their VirtualBox virtualization solution that they received as part of their recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Announced in an Oracle press release and also in a [&hellip

Gaming On Linux

Oct 22nd, 2010No Comments

A website for Linux gamers. Interested in playing games on Linux? .. GamingOnLinux is an informative website, firmly aimed at the needs of the Linux [&hellip

Adobe release new flashplayer (32bit + 64bit)

Sep 17th, 2010No Comments

A while ago to the annoyance of the community, Adobe Labs discontinued the 64bit Linux flash player plugin but to their credit they have just [&hellip

Linux Mint release a Debian based edition.

Sep 10th, 2010No Comments

Linux Mint have released a Debian based edition of their popular Linux distribution. It has the same look and feel, and the same GNOME desktop [&hellip

Vim 7.3 released

Aug 17th, 2010No Comments

After a 2 year wait Vim 7.3 has finally arrived

Death of an OS

Aug 15th, 20101 Comment

OpenSolaris is dead, long live MySQL

Time to move to NZ!

Jul 16th, 2010No Comments

Where will your new tech originate

openSUSE 11.3 released

Jul 16th, 20102 Comments

Version 11.3 of their popular Linux distribution now out!

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