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2016 might just be the year of Linux on the (virtual) desktop

Apr 28th, 2015Comments Off on 2016 might just be the year of Linux on the (virtual) desktop

Citrix releases desktop-linux-as-a-service preview Come November, some “pundit” will declare that next year is the year of Linux on the desktop. This November, expect a [&hellip

Is the Future of Python Web Apps?

Apr 25th, 2015No Comments

Source: Is the Future of Python Web Apps

If hypervisor is commodity, why is VMware still on top? • The Register

Apr 23rd, 2015No Comments

Microsoft and open-source rivals lose it in the labs Source: If hypervisor is commodity, why is VMware still on top? • The Register

Peppermint 5 release announced ~ June 23, 2014

Jun 21st, 2014No Comments

Peppermint Five will be released 23rd June 2014, along with a makeover of the Peppermint website.

The main website is currently down for the makeover, but will go live at sometime on Monday, where you’ll find the 32bit and 64bit ISO’s for Pepeprmint 5 available for download

SQL – not dead yet!

Mar 28th, 2014No Comments

Just when you thought it was safe to dump all your MySQL tools, switch SQLAdministrator for RoboMongo and dump ApachePHP for Node.js, it appears someone has thrown a thumping great spanner into the works!

CRYSIS [not] for Windows

Mar 12th, 20141 Comment

So with the advent of Valve porting all their games to Linux, the first Domino fell. Here comes the next one, Crytek have just announced that their game engine will now run natively on Linux, so watch out for games like Crysis and Ryse coming to a Linux box near you soon!


Mar 12th, 2014No Comments

I’ve been following Netcraft for many years and they’re a company who produce some very interesting and useful (free) Internet metrics and are often overlooked. Each month they produce a report detailing some of the more technical aspects of the Internet and what’s going on. Here’s a sample of their Newsletter (reproduced with permission) take a look!

Hackers …

Jan 1st, 2014No Comments

Unfortunately on new year’s day, a terrorist breached this site and destroyed it. Although we have restored much of the text, user accounts have been removed and new user registration has been removed

Jono Bacon shows off Ubuntu Touch progress

Jun 11th, 2013No Comments

Canonical’s Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon shows of progress of Ubuntu Touch .. Ubuntu’s interface for mobile devices

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