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Dell re-invents Ubuntu!

Jun 14th, 20102 Comments

Dell, suddenly champion of Open Source !!

Encryptec Limited

Jun 13th, 2010No Comments

Long standing Linux and Open Source experts providing a range of both Internet based and physical IT services

Incremental Backups

Jun 12th, 2010No Comments

Useless until you need them, then invaluable when you do!

UK Government and OS

Jun 12th, 2010No Comments

Is there really is issue with OS usage by or in the UK Gov

Short Codes

Jun 12th, 2010No Comments

How to give your pages a little something extra!

Syntax highlighting

Jun 10th, 2010No Comments

How to make your inserted code snippets look really cool!

New website!

Jun 9th, 2010No Comments

After many years of Plone, say “hello” to Wordpress!


Jun 8th, 2010No Comments

Super-fast and great-looking, Ubuntu is a secure, intuitive operating system that powers all machine types

Linux Mint

Jun 8th, 2010No Comments

Mint is a desktop operating system, which is underlying with Ubuntu, as we all know.

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